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Two Golden Scratcher Jackpots!

mblake525 wrote:
I decided to buy a Golden Scratcher just for fun today and got the freaking jackpot! I knew I was probably pressing my luck but I bought another one and got another jackpot! I feel like I need to buy an actual lotto ticket on the way home from work. Well, after buying a few thing that I want, I have about 150 donuts left. I have narrowed it down to:

1) Frinks Lab
2) Otto
3) Krustlu Studios
4) Cracker Factory
5) Duff Stadium

Input? Which do you recommend based on income and general awesomeness?

I have Frink's lab and Krustylu Studios. I love them both. Sideshow Mel is an underrated character and the building is pretty sweet.

But gotta go with Frink.


  • jenichu682
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    edited February 2014
    Congrats, OP! I almost never play the scratchers; how many total donuts did you win over the two?
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