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Is krustyland a bust?

I wouldn't call it a bust, if you enjoy the design element of the game. There is a separate storyline, and currency. When you complete all the tasks, you can then trade in the currency for in-game money to use in Springfield. There is also an opportunity to win donuts through the side-show you mini-game, but the odds are slim. All that said, it's not as fun as building out your SF, but I appreciated having more to play with.


  • purringtania184
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    edited February 2014

    I am currently level 34. I built Krustyland up to Sideshow you and then just sort of forgot about it. It is not that interesting and I would rather focus on my springfield, then squidport and then Krustyland! It won't keep you from going forward with the game either.

    As a side note I recommend taking it slow with Springfield as well to keep the game interesting longer!
  • GamerGD3
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    edited February 2014
    It really depends on your point of view.

    1) Do you like amusement parks?

    2) Do you like starting Tapped Out over?

    That should help ease your decision because that is how starting Krustyland is. Basically you start bare-boned and have limited quests, space, and even currency. By sending characters to Krustyland, you make less game dollars for your Springfield.

    If you are a premium player, maintaining both are super easy. Just you have to remove Homer and Lisa to start some quests in Springfield occasionally.

    You can greatly assist your start by visiting friends' Krustyland's (tapping on that part of the map in the friends screen), and collect tickets. This can get you a good start. However, I wouldn't do that now with the Valentine's event just starting. So it's to you. The Halloween and Christmas events added rides (if you won them) so they are slowly updating it. It just takes a long time since only a limited amount of characters can go to Krustyland.

    By the appearance of the dialogue, it looks like some female characters will get added to Krustyland with this event, so it will be easier to build up tickets.
  • Oatmeal832
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    If you view KL as an event like Christmas or Halloween, it's great.

    If you view KL as an interesting, on-going enterprise, it's a bust.

    KL was a great diversion for a month or so but then it became a bore. I go there to collect tickets in case they ever update it/add new rides, and I also play "Sideshow You" in the usually vain hope I'll win donuts.

    I spend 99% of my time in Springfield, though, which I didn't think would be the case when KL opened - I figured EA would give us a reason to continue to visit...
  • 4junk3000
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    its just a sub neighborhood like the squid port. i chose to delay SP development until i accumulated all the tiles. instead i built my KL.

    now i have over 170 boardwalk tiles saved and my KL is almost complete, so I'll switch my focus.

    KL was a blast, with a fresh slate to design on. go have fun with it and ignore the people who have done nothing.

    you can make it look like a county Fair with lots of grass, or more like a Six Flags theme park as i did.

    i love my KL and look forward to fine tuning the landscaping once i build the last roller coaster. give it a shot!
    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
  • brwynn
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    edited February 2014
    Honestly, I'm at level 38 and I have not built Krustyland yet. I still have a few things I'm completing with the game so it's just another money hog which I want to use on other buildings and items. Especially since I'm a free player. When I get everything in springfield and squidport finished. I will then move into Krustyland.
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