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  • Scaballi
    23 posts New member
    edited March 2014
    Add me . Level 38 . Every day player . Scaballi
  • bonsailin
    5 posts
    edited March 2014
    Add me :)
  • shortdogg79
    1 posts Member
    edited March 2014
    Add me, shortdogg79. level 38 and a daily player
  • DarthTemplar
    16 posts
    edited March 2014
    Everyday 38 player!

    Add: Darth Templar
  • Dumptruck420
    2 posts
    edited March 2014
    Daily lvl 38 player. Dumptruck420
  • Violet20342
    18 posts
    edited March 2014
    Please add me Violet20342
  • Shannon10624
    10 posts
    edited March 2014
    Just got done cleaning out neighbors...need new ones who play! slindemann10624. Add me!!!
  • paleale_75
    3 posts
    edited March 2014
    add me i cleared out some inactive people, would like others who participate in events. i am a tapped out junkie...

  • KongArne
    3 posts
    edited March 2014
    Add me and my fiance, we're both max level and try to play atleast once every 24hours. For daily prizes and neighbur tapping.
    Our names: <KongArne> & <EmdeBaben>

    (We're norwegians, not that I can think of any reason why that should matter.)
  • ysrpilot
    5 posts
    edited March 2014
    Myself and my wife have cleaned out our friend list! No more deadbeat players! In need of some daily players to fill those slots. Mine is: ysrpilot, hers is: tineemyte. Please add us! Thanks!
  • luckyzl230
    158 posts
    edited March 2014
    My wife and myself are lv 38 multi daily players.
    One thing we have questioned is why neighbors have so many buildings but don't have anything to tap.
    Best answer we came up with is players log on and tap every building that is ready to cash out in their city.
    Thus leaving us with nothing to tap on when we visit :cry:
    My wife and I only tap buildings that have handshakes when we log on and leave the others alone so other visitors can have something to tap on.
    For one, we farm houses and don't rely on our buildings for cash.
    So we are looking for others that do the same thing.
    We both have un-friended about 15 - 20 friends. Thus after finding out they are daily players but never have anything to tap on for the last 3 days.
    I can guarantee that you will have something to tap every time when visiting my wife or myself.

    MRSLUCKYZL -wife

    LUCKYZL230 -Me

    PS: Wife and I are trying some 3D tricks and other various things as well, of course we copied, others we did ourselves, point in being I hope you like what you see when visiting to tap on buildings.

    PSS: spent close to $150 each (for doughnuts on our town) and it becomes very addicting that we are close to buying more :D

  • Duffer2
    2 posts
    edited March 2014
    Daily player short on high level friends, add me please!
  • lilianshinod
    2 posts
    edited March 2014
    Level 38. Daily player.
    Add Me!
  • ishodu95
    14 posts Member
    edited March 2014

    Both 38 and play a few times a day.
  • Pider83
    1 posts
    edited March 2014
    i'm at level 38 and need some friends :-) please add me Pider83
  • jdogl79
    1 posts
    edited March 2014
    Add me please, serious players only, level 35 or higher: jdogl79
  • ksauceda2
    5 posts Member
    edited March 2014
    Please add:


    Level 38, daily player. Also have complete Krustyland and some Premium characters.

    Please also add my spouse:


    Thank You!
  • susupetals
    23 posts Member
    edited March 2014
    Add me susupetals, I play everyday.
  • tatman280527
    19 posts
    edited March 2014
    multi day player lvl 38 please add me tatman280527
  • rochelle_2273
    6 posts
    edited March 2014
    Add Shamarl_S level 38
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