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visiting friends closes game

I'm playing using a iphone 5 and it seems to crash visiting some of friends. Its highly annoying


  • ccrago129
    14 posts
    edited February 2014
    Friends are doing the same thing to me.....
  • petacrazy
    38 posts
    edited February 2014
    Can't go to friends gives server issue message and crashes. Plz help us so we can play.
  • walrusfoxtrot1
    27 posts
    edited February 2014
    Yep happens to me or sometimes I get the Bart screen.
  • Jon110904
    15 posts
    edited February 2014
    It happens cause your friends worlds are crashed themselves. Case in point I have not been able to access my town in 4 days. It always crashes after tap to continue screen. And when my son plays his game is fine, until he try's to visit my town. He promptly crashes. As long as u stay off those towns tht make u crash u should be fine
  • edited February 2014
    Sorry to disappoint you Jon110904 but it is not always because their towns are crashed.

    When I try to visit one of my friends my game freezes instantly with the loading screen and after texting with him he confirmed that he has NO problems at all. He proved it with visiting my own town while I was stuck in the loading screen of his. So the problem could be my own town but that is also unlikely because others can and do visit me.

    Also is my game closing every 2-3 friends I visit. And this isn't because their games are down or something like that. Prove: With a second try in the town that kicked me I can nearly always proceed - to 2 more towns.

    So staying is only for the first version the solution but with the second version I would no longer be able to visit any of my neighbours. And a solution isn't it at all because I paid for this game and I "expect" to get a functioning product.
  • drew3rdof3
    104 posts
    edited February 2014
    Except for a short lived 8 neighbor break, I can't get in to any neighbor's towns. A little less than half the time, I can't even get to the neighboreeno screen.
  • bluevervain
    14 posts
    edited February 2014
    I was having this issue; when visiting neighbors my game would crash every third visit.
    However, I was able to fix the problem by rebooting both the game and my iPad.
    I'm now able to visit all of my 90+ neighbors and so far, no crashes.
    Hope doing the same works for others experiencing this problem. :)
  • mysolara
    3 posts Member
    edited February 2014
    I am having problems collecting from all my neighbors. In the beginning of the valentines event I saw that it was hit and miss and I thought the neighbors I couldn't collect from had not completed the update. Now it is still hit and miss but I can see the prizes they have collected from the friendship wheel and I am sure they have updated and I still cannot collect anything when I visit them.

    I am posting and playing from a Galaxy S4. I have 100 neighbors and I know they do not all play at the same time but I have been able to collect coins and xp from the inactive neighbors in the past.

  • tex311
    1 posts
    edited February 2014
    this happened to me too. but then i tried logging in a different device, playing and visiting my friends towns for a bit--- then logged back in my old device and that fixed my game.

    hope this helps the others out there experiencing the same problem

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