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"Cannot connect to server" Fix

I had the "cannot connect to server" problem like a lot of people and couldn't play for a couple days.
Basically I was visiting neighbours and it kept crashing, then it started loading a brand new game even though I was logged in. Logging in and out didn't help. It wouldn't load my game. And THEN it would just not load at all, and just kept going to the Bart "cannot connect to server" screen every time I tried.

Now this happened to me once before and I found a fix on here that worked, so I did the same fix and now I can get in again. I have my game back! So here's the fix to share with you... judging by what is done, it works by forcing your game to re-sync itself with EA, thus creating new save files on your device.

I am on android so I don't know what the apple people will do but the principle must be the same.

I mounted my phone as a disk drive, plugged it into my laptop and browsed to my save game folder. (Some of you may not need to do this if you have a file browser app, which I don't).

The save folder was here on my phone:
[drive that your phone is mapped to]:\Android\data\com.ea.game.simpsons4_na\files\save

Rename this "save" folder (to back it up), eg. to "save_temp"
Umount the phone from your laptop/PC.

Run the game.

Now if this doesn't work, you can just rename the save folder back to "save", no harm done.
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