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Too many people are playing... Don't you wish you where one of them??



  • kachoo1
    4 posts
    edited December 2012
    I thought my friends were gone too. All the other Springfield were gone, but they are still on the origin list, so they'll probably show back up later.
  • AuchHaggis
    5 posts
    edited December 2012
    And it's gone again in the UK I can get in but it's logged me out of AE and its anonymously. what a load of old *. Modern technology. Bring back the abacus and a good old set of crackers at least fun was consistent with the old toys
  • eullande
    7 posts
    edited December 2012
    I was out for a few hours, just got in, tapped 5 things, and was booted back out. Really flaky tonight. Add me if you are able to get in! eullande
  • adruralo
    3292 posts Member
    edited December 2012
    Yes the last time this happened just before Haloween, there was a series of server issues, crashing, can't connect etc and yes friends went missing. Friends going missing is only tempory though.
    All of mine is missing too.
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  • ilovetrish
    54 posts
    edited December 2012
    I was getting this message earlier and finally when I am able to get on, I noticed all of my friends gone.
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