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Crashing game

it has been doing that crap since halloween 2013


  • Snakeyees
    2345 posts Member
    edited February 2014
    Now that im back in my game after 30 days being locked out. I too experience this quite frequently.
  • brookesaywhatx
    729 posts
    edited February 2014
    Last night it was pretty bad for me, I was in the middle of my redesign and it would crash every like 15-20 mins and I would lose progress. Seems okay today though knock on wood.
  • neuroheart
    8132 posts Member
    edited February 2014
    I've had very few problems unless I'm visiting neighbors with large towns. I usually get at least one crash when I'm doing my visits, and sometimes I get four or five. I think last night I only got one.
  • badbutttuesday
    109 posts
    edited February 2014
    I crash or freeze at least twice every time I set up my characters. I crash every 3 or 4 friends I visit.

    Just when I start to get angry I think about the people who get locked for a month or more. I'm close to quitting as it is. if that happened I would be out for good. I will not spend another penny on this game until it actually works correctly.
  • edited February 2014
    Yup... Crash every time I put characters on tasks, crash when collecting money, and crash every 2-3 friends towns I visit. Seems like starting in Krustyland and taking the bus back to the friends town helps that a little tho.

    Oh yeah, and then there's the random crashes when first logging in. :thumbdown:
  • HWick_Bluenose
    882 posts
    edited February 2014
    It's been worse for me the last day or two. There's clearly issues at the centre. It's about time they changed the way the game works so that it will work offline and update the servers periodically. Sure you wouldn't be able to visit friends or buy donuts if the servers have issues but at least you could carry on with your town. And it would work if you were off the data network yourself.
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