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Premium package - limited time (Krustylu studios + Dr. Nick for 200 donuts)

Just got an update. After that a short dialogue and then a limited time premium package offer: krustylu studio and Dr. Nick for 200 donuts.

No good for me, since I am a freemium player. But it might benefit some of you.

Man: Fans of Krusty, have I got a treat for you. Get the studio where his show is recorded, as well as his side-kick Sideshow Mel and a cannon to shoot him from.
Homer: Can I get Krusty too?
Man: ummm, no. He's a regular character. You probably already have him.
Homer: Oh, right. He does that thing with the giant exclamation point. -- I remember now.
Man: well, can I have some other premium character? Like a random one that has nothing to do with Krusty or hus studios?
Man: But that would't make any sense.
Homer: I'm walking away...
Man: Okay, okay!
Add: Get the Krusty Premium package...for some reason with Dr. Nick. 200 donuts
Time left: 4d17h...
Man: No problem. There's still plenty of cheese on the inside of that pizza box I found earlier.

I am sorry to admit that I don't know who the man was.

Never mind: already posted. Pity you cannot delete posts
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