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Subtle Changes You'd Like to See



  • lightestbulb
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    edited February 2014

    I would like to see better clock management. I'm sure everyone has experienced "time creep." It's not always possible for me to play at the same time every day. This is mostly a problem when you visit neighbors. Eventually it will get to the point where I have to skip a day to get it back to the time I want. That especially sucks during an event. I think Instead of the timer starting when you do the first event in a town, have the timer reset at the same time of the day for everyone. That way you have a 24 hour slot to do everything, regardless of when it was started. I have played other games that do this.

    I'm slightly inebriated, so I hope I'm making sense. :mrgreen:

    THIS! I wish it would just reset at midnight (server side, in whatever timezone EA is located in). Sometimes I want to visit in the morning, sometimes at night. I hate feeling rushed to get through neighbors at the same time each day.
  • Remy3000
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    edited February 2014
    This may not be small or subtle, but I wish they could offer a nighttime feature. They had the opportunity to play around with it more during Halloween. Maybe the game goes to night mode at a specific time for whatever time zone the user is in, say 7 or 8pm. Then street lamps, businesses, and a few windows in each home could periodically light up. And if EA saw fit to expand the idea, they could start giving some characters tasks that are only available during night mode. For example they could make Homer work a night shift at the plant with Lisa accompanying him, and show them sitting on top of the cooling tower like they did in a specific episode (or was that Homer and Bart when they were tethered together). Or a task for Rod and Todd to go to bed early. Wiggum, Lou, and Eddie doing police work at night with flashlights. Snake would have more criminal mischief options.

    I also think that pre-landscaped buildings are annoying. Some houses have tiny little shrubs, so when I add shrubs to the property mine look gigantic. Other buildings have little strips of grass out front of them that don't go away when pavement is added beneath the building.

    Finally, the big one. A way to rotate our towns 360 degrees and do the same with all moveable objects.
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