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I will not complain about the weekly Mystery Box for a while



  • Skydude252a
    70 posts Member
    edited February 2014
    xamovo wrote:
    Wait a minute Moleman doesn't even come in a mystery box, he only comes in a Homer Buddha :shock:

    You can get the Buddha in the Mystery box, so Buddha stuff comes from MBs in a box-ception kind of way.

    Though with Moleman as a 4% chance from the Buddha, and the Buddha a 1% chance from the Mystery Box, that's odds of a little more than .04% (assuming the tapped out wiki is correct on the percentages).

    The reason I say a little more than that is there is the nesting scenario, as there's a base odds of mystery box - buddha - moleman, plus there are tiny odds of mystery box - buddha - mystery box - buddha - moleman or mystery box - mystery box - buddha - moleman etc, but those are so low as to hardly matter in the percentage.

    So if I would get SVT again at some point, would it give me donuts instead? If so it looks like approximately 13% of the possibilities would be good ones (and yes, I'm including white fences and bench-with-jacket as good)
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