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Anyone over 100 friends?

Me too, I got 100 friends, around 65 people I requested friendship and also got 20-30 friendrechests in my "Update" section where I just have to accept it. If I try to accept anyone "ups an unknown error has appeared, please try again".

So Im totally unable to get any new friends, I also tried to invite people, interestingly I can invite people, but it seems not possible for them to accept my request.

Another bug, which maybe has to do with this, is the point that you never got all your friends Springfield to visit. I mean I got 100 friends, so I should be able to visit 102 Springfields. 1x Springfield2 (everyone got one), my Springfield and 100x Springfield from friends. But I begun counting, around 20 hours ago I´ve seen 88 of 100, a few minutes ago I could see 96.

So whatever, it isn´t possiblejavascript:void(0); to see every town of each friend, nor is it possible to gather up more than 100 friends.


  • QCOuTLaWz
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    edited August 2012
    drats2005 try adding me!
  • drats2005
    16 posts
    edited August 2012
    Ok I tried to add you, now got nearly 100 friend requests additional to my 100 friends, where I only need to push "approve".....

    Well if we don´t buy enough donuts with real money and just gather up big to find enough free donuts, they make a "friend Cap", don´t forget, it is EA.
    They also turned off the servers from games which had not been out for 24 months.

    That means, if we don´t find a work to deal with it, EA will in no way corporate and when an update comes with "new Features and a lot of bug fixes". We:
    a) have to pay around 50-100$
    b) no bugfixes, just more nonsense that costs more donuts.
    3) an ultimate improved donut shop, where you can even buy donuts when the game is not running or EA shutted down the server forever. EA never cared much about what you paid and lost.

    UFF that logo.... "EA", worst thing on the computer market, by god I swear: From now on, I will check a game thoroughly and no EA product will ever make its way in my home again.... amen.
  • drats2005
    16 posts
    edited August 2012
    Did someone already found a solution, or at least a work around? Even if not, does someone now knows what´s the reason for that?
    I can still invite endless people, but they remain in the "awaiting approval". I also still receive a lot of friend requests where I only have o click that button. But it is always the same, others can´t approve me, nor can I approve others to continue growing...

    Indeed, one thing I could find out: Even if we get the unknown error message when we try to approve new friends, it is the number 100. Cause I kicked a friend and than had 99, than I approved on which is longer in my "Approval box" now.

    So Orion or tapped out is only made for 100. therefore the unknown error, as it isn´t a real error, someone just forgot to think about the system between people and so they thought nobody will ever have 100 friends or more, so no need to think about it, Or tapped out is made for masses, but the "social"-App Orion won´t make it over 100 :mrgreen:

    Also it is so quite here? Can´t a few people state if they have that error or not, or if they can run without problems, if so, which version and system. And from more and more others with the same problem, it should be easier to find the bug than.

    Just any more Information, help, workaround or anything could hep. Cause with the simpsons you permanently play lights off, never know where you get sunken next to have your city rebuild :mrgreen:
  • magpie187
    43 posts
    edited August 2012
    I'm getting tons of friend requests since it went back up in the app store. I get why there is a limit, if you had 1000+ friends you could max level in a couple days. Still there needs to be a solution, I have all these pending requests I dont want to decline. I like seeing other cities too.
  • pokemonstee
    6 posts
    edited August 2012
    I've read in other threads that Origin has a 100 friend cap, even in other games.
  • drats2005
    16 posts
    edited August 2012
    Thanks for that Information. At least we know now it is not an "unknown error" and that we can nothing do about it.

    Too bad Origin just says "unknown error, try again", since it is a set up max number of 100, why not a message that the player reached the maximum friend amount?
  • yellowirish
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    edited August 2012
    Sorry remove
  • QCOuTLaWz
    596 posts
    edited August 2012
    I can confirm. I Have 2 of my RL friends I have on my origin accnt whom I play BF3 PC with and 98 Tapped out friends I can visit their town. cant add anymore ppl to my Flist and I have 7 friends invite.
  • drats2005
    16 posts
    edited August 2012
    So we can now say for sure 100 friends in Orion is the limit, no matter how many or which games you have. 100, that´s it.

    Nice that nobody from EA cares about their costumers and the costumers has to find out by himself what is a bug and what a feature. EA stuff is regular so buggy that it´s never clear what´s the bug, what´s the feature.

    At least a small update for Orion would be nice, replacing the "sorry unknown error, try again" message through "you reached the maximum of 100 friends in Orion".

    Like the "social gaming" feature/bug, visiting a friend brings you a few dollars, a bit XP. But no matter what you tap, the amount of XP & Dollars is the same, no chance of getting any other reward like donuts, items or else.... no wait there is the lemon tree.... so that´s what makes this game a "social" game, a lemon tree going from person to person.... great!
  • Xtonicray
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    edited August 2012
    Somebody added me earlier today and that put me at 101 friends
    I thought the limit was 100 apparently there's a way around it
    I wish there wasn't a limit I have 106 requests just waiting to be accepted
  • Ghostwicked
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    edited December 2012
    I'm thinking you can only invite 100 friends, but still can be invited, which would bring your friends list to over 100.
  • rhubbard611
    4 posts
    edited February 2013
    gutted that I have friends requests I can't add. I have 99 friends and now getting the error message, stupid game.
  • sherryt07
    3273 posts Member
    edited February 2013
    Having TOO MANY INVITES or PENDING FRIENDS can affect your game. More than 100 can cause your game to crash.

    This is a known problem that has been discussed in another thread.
  • stellartrav
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    edited April 2013
    Add me stellartrav
  • davidthoms444
    5 posts
    edited December 2013
    still in need of about 40 more friends

    daily player will accept friend request right away

  • datasurgeon
    1878 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    The limit is 100 human friends plus "other Springfield"

    If you accept a friends request and it says max friend limit reached; It may be the player is at max not you. Just decline and check the next one

    If you reach 100 friends; Consider declining friends requests, as Sherry007 says. It can not destabilize your game but prevent you from connecting to the game at all. This is a recommendation from EZ on their own help site.
  • bookertank
    12 posts
    edited December 2013
    Add Me: bookertank

    Thanks Happy Holidays
  • daveb455
    5 posts
    edited June 2014
    I am looking for some more friends I play daily at level 41
  • aep1984939
    20 posts
    edited June 2014
    Way to dig up probably one of the oldest threads on this site... now go look for the "add me" thread at the top
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