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  • Jango_Fett327
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    It's here!
  • annettemarc
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    Jedihntr wrote:
    mbemom wrote:
    Jedihntr wrote:
    Of course this is still speculation but it seems like you only benefit by visiting neighbors, not when they visit you, correct? I've been wanting to clear out some [seemingly] inactive neighbors, but I guess if I don't need them to visit me then I don't need to drop them so quickly.

    I hear you but I probably will anyway. I have a couple of neighbors who haven't played in a few weeks. I just always prefer having as many friends who are daily players as I can, not for what I gain, but just because it's more fun that way.

    I agree, it's definitely more fun with active players. I certainly don't need people to visit me all the time, but I'd like to be neighbors with people who are aware a social event is going on and participates in that event. I'd rather have active forum members than people who have grown bored with the game.


    Also, there's this scenario:
    Player A has a neighbor, Player B, who rarely plays.
    Player C, who plays daily, wants to maximize their Points, but needs more neighbors.
    Player A could drop Player B, replacing him/her with Player C.

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  • mbemom
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    Here we go!!!!! Update time
  • Gumamdar
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    The update (for me) still has Love is in the Air as its update

  • cripnite
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    edited February 2014
    Just the update to remove Valentine's. See everyone tomorrow for the real update.
  • Snakeyees
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    It's here!

    Not for android
  • Bravewall
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    edited February 2014
    Now that it's here, I'm going to lock this so that we don't have two threads titled "update" going at the same time.
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