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Noticed this but sorry if some else reported it first

Check their status before you delete them they probably just haven't been able to clear the handshakes yet.


  • bren1960
    1631 posts
    edited March 2014
    I have had to change my attitude to my neighbors

    Houses use to regenerate without the players intervention. I use to wait at most 45 seconds for Homer's house to regenerate so I had something to tap.

    So neighbors could go away for weeks at a time and you could still tap the max 3. Lower levels, who did not know that a good neighbor leaves something to tap were excused because something would regenerate it

    I never had the max of a 100 neighbors so I use to let it slide but I now I have removed everyone who hasn't played in a week. Lower levels are next if they don't leave something to tap.

    Anyone else notice this change?

    Lower levels need to collect. Wow
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