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Useless Neighbors



  • dave3490
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    edited March 2014
    neuroheart wrote:
    KillaSqirl wrote:
    If EA puts the mops back in neighbors towns none of this would be an issue. Cleaning neighbor's graffiti was a great feature and it makes no sense to me why they would intentionally remove it.
    You get FP for cleaning graffiti in your town. It would go against the whole system if your friends could steal your friend points :|

    KillaSqirl - If EA did that and neighbours started stealing my FP's i'd be pretty peeved and start deleting people

    neuroheart - couldn't have put it better myself, well said :)
  • dave3490
    2472 posts
    edited March 2014
    There is no need to replace the mop at all with anything else, what EA could (or should do) is add two more existing buildings to the 4 that currently exist and give us 6 buildings we can graffiti, i mean, there's the high school, the courthouse, the sprawl mart, the museum, loads of buildings. Gives more people choices. It woudln't kill the game in any way, you would still only have 3 taps in a town, but more buildings to graffiti to choose from

    The only alternative i can think of is EA allow spray painted buildings to be stackable, so they are permanent to everyone who visits that town and the points collected when the player taps to clean up the graffiti.

    just a couple of thoughts there
  • Toronto8686
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    edited March 2014
    The way I do it is if you don't clean your buildings I remove you and add a next person, I usually do my towns around 7pm est time so if you can't clear your town all day then you'll be deleted.
  • theslayer369
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    edited March 2014
    As I have always had quite a few neighbours who I call 'events only neighbours', I got to thinking maybe these people are finding it too much pressure to actually have to participate on a daily basis. :wink:
  • SauronHimself
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    edited March 2014
    The irony of this update is that EA wanted to prevent people from farming unlimited neighbor visits where they would delete one and visit a new town. However, all this update has done is alienated people from their neighbors and convinced them to delete them, thereby building no cohesion among players. Good job, EA.
  • forbiddeneve
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    edited March 2014
    Yeah I have a handful of level 38 neighbours who haven't cleared their town in days, not kewl. I only have one low level neighbour and even they got something to click I their four blocks of land!
    Playing since Aug 2011
  • bgarrett166
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    edited March 2014
    same boat. just a few days ago. add me I play everyday, no fool. you have not been on in 4 days, I know this is not an add me thread but I'm on all the damn time. always something in my town to tap.
    [email protected]
  • alexeliz3
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    edited March 2014
    I have a handful of neighbors which are useless in the sense that their Springfields do not yield any money/XP. Their buildings remain blank without icons floating over them. To ensure that I simply wasn't visiting those neighbors when they had just cleared the money/XP themselves, I used their Simpsons houses as a litmus test. If I wait at least 45 seconds, I should get something, but I don't. I've waited several minutes at these particular Springfields and seen nothing emerge, and those that have Krusty Lands also show nothing there as well. Does anyone else experience this same problem?

    Are you complaining because your neighbors have lives outside of this game and might not be able to clear their buildings on a constant bases? I have had a few neighbors who have nothing for me to click on. No big deal. I checked the next day and sure enough they had a couple buildings for me to tap.
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