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Lost my Lemon Tree!!!

Everytime you play the game and do wtv action,make sure to visit a friends town before closing it so you are 100% sure it saved the game. I purchased 72 donuts saturday and I just called apple to get a refund cause the first 12 I purchased disapeared the second I closed my game(I forgot to visit a friends town) then I went to purchase a stack of 60, bought Buddha homers and got crap out of em so I went and purchased another 60,bought the squeaky-voice teen and 2 other buddhas,closed the game (forgetting to visit a friends town) came back in the game just to see that I was 10 steps backward back at right before I purchased donuts,I had no squeaky-voice teen,lost the 2 premium stuff I got from the buddhas..

this game is deff broke (servers are) and they need to fix the god damn saving. BUT there is a turn-around and its by visiting your friends right before closing the game.

Hope this works for you the next time.. and that sucks lemon tree is awesome I got mine from my first weekly mistery box ever and Im glad its still there. (Ive been playing the game for 2 weeks now and I had no issues in the first week but its been a mess since the past 4 days with all the trouble saving) sorry for the bad english


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