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Am I the only one...

No its not dying


  • mwdalton
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    edited March 2014
    They will have plenty of ideas. They're just not going to release them all at once, they will drip-feed us. At the moment they would be expecting us who are up-to-date in the game to be focused on the Friend Prizes, which got released as the Valentines update finished. Level 39 or Saint Patricks Day or something will be along shortly, and whatever it is will have new quests or characters or buildings or anything.

    If you've done everything and bought everything in the game so far, it's natural to not feel you have to log in everyday. It's just the nature of the game. Tap, and wait, tap and wait (for an update). Or stop playing. The choice is yours, obviously. There's other stuff in this great big world of ours you could be doing, I'm sure ;)
  • M4rkEv4ns
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    edited March 2014
    I really think EA is on to something with the Friendship points, Hopefully they will add other items and updates to keep us going.
  • stingray1122
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    edited March 2014
    It's not dying but it's like almost in slow motion right now. They could at least be a little quicker with the levels. They should do them them once a month or one every two months at most. (They could do this for a while since they had such a long break between level 37 and level 38 )

    And it seems like they're waiting longer to start events now. I'm fine with them being a little shorter like three weeks. (A month is usually too long unless it's a large event like Whacking Day or the Holiday Event) For example if they start the Saint Pats Day event on Thursday the 6th and end it on Thursday the 27th that would be be perfect.
  • premier00000
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    edited March 2014
    It's been a while since a level update, I've already maxed out 3 or 4 times at level 38. And the friend points aren't too bad, but it kind of throws off my whole timing system I had with where I place certain buildings (with the same payout time).
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