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fleet-a-pita - locked

In order to unlock Fleet-a-pita you will need to buy the Cracker Factory. Once you do that and get Luann then the quest lines for it will begin.


  • Tischoo
    61 posts
    edited March 2014

    thanks for your reply. Cracker Factory is only available with Donuts right?

    Than it´s clear why this not appeared so far. Thank you :D
  • fudgeo9
    296 posts Member
    edited March 2014
    Ahhhhh ty, I wasnt sure about the pita bus either
  • Tara1qt
    406 posts Member
    edited March 2014
    Yeah only donuts. Being a freemium player myself I have been saving all my donuts and recently decided to buy the cracker factory since you get a building, Luann, and premium tasks for Kirk as well. So it seemed like a good purchase. Plus Luann has the nice 24 hour task of riding around town in the globe.
  • crickett40
    57 posts Member
    edited March 2014
    The fleet-a-pita also helps immensly with your gluttony rating & grub rating in krustyland. One of the quests in sf is to place 5 fleets.
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