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How long does it take u to visit 100 friends?



  • NeoSEC28
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    edited March 2014
    mpwarner wrote:
    Just visited all 100 neighbours tonight :wink:

    I see ;)

    I visited everyone last night as well, going to have to repeat this again tonight as well :twisted:
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  • Ftball2theGroin
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    edited March 2014
    It takes about 45 minutes. I could go faster but I'm still trying to collect Krustyland tickets so I can't use the arrows. Plus, about half or more of my friends don't have anything to tap in their Krustyland so I have to visit their Springfield too. So I'm loading about 150 or so maps, plus going back to the friends screen between every one. I'll be glad when I've finally collected enough KL tix to buy all the land.
  • dave3490
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    edited March 2014
    Too long now :evil:

    Naaaaaaaaah, i'm just kidding :lol:

    it's about 50mins now, i do like visiting everyone and seeing what they have done with their towns :D
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