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Which premium building or characters to buy?

If you like storylines, you might want to buy the cracker factory, with milhouse's mom. Besides having interactions with milhouse and the dad, this eventually allows you to purchase the pita wagons for springfield and krustyland as well.

Or, you can save the donuts for holiday items and buildings, since those are limited.


  • tkprae
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    edited March 2014
    I have about 200 donuts. What would be the best building or characters to buy? There so many choices I want to make the best of my donuts. Tia.

    I really like characters + building combos. Otto is one of my favorites, at 120 donuts. Mosts of his tasks are outdoors. There's a nice list of tasks and visibility sticked here.

    Luann Van Houten is nice too, but some of the tasks are boring and the cracker factory is pretty boring as well. She costs more at 150 donuts. For the same amount, I prefer Professor Frink.

    Same as what the above poster said, saving for limited time items is also a great idea if donuts are especially hard to come by.

  • drosax1
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    edited March 2014
    What items do you already have it'd help if we knew what you don't have
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