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Friend list "full" with <100

it could be bugged or the people your sending to are full at 100


  • Smilee306
    278 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    I'm having that problem right now - I'm at 74 friends, and just tried sending invites to 3 different people who just requested help here on the forums, and got the error message on all of them. Do my invites count towards my friends? Did I just manage to find 3 people who were full already? It specifically told me that my list was full, and to unfriend people in origin. Thanks!
  • maxeerg
    1010 posts Member
    edited October 2014
    One suggestion would be to go to the Origin site. At the top of the site there should be an option to download Origin to your computer. Logging into that program will allow you to see all of your friends, pending invites you've received, and pending invites you've sent.

    If you have a bunch pending, you might need to experiment with pruning them down. I'd probably start with any old invites you've sent.
  • bren1960
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    edited October 2014
    No request don't count. My guess is they are full. If you have a lot of pending friend request I would delete those & start fresh. Add yourself to the add me thread
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