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Cost of premium items and donuts

So you think the cost of premium items should be lower or cost of donuts? I was confused because of the title I thought you were gonna be asking like how much would it cost to get all the items and I was gonna put that they lower the price of the expensive non aspirational buildings each level , I think it'd be easier to get your point across if you change the title to cost of premium items or donuts.


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    It should all be lowered, not saying what people should spend their own money on if you have money to waste then do so but think of all the good things you could do with that extra cash.
    1. Donate some to a charity that helps others
    2. Buy food give to the homeless or poor
    3. Treat yourself to something you will remember and enjoy or treat someone else.

    I would like to see EA donate some money to a charity or help develop a third world country
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    Oh ok I apologize if my last post sounded rude or mean wasn't trying to
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    Looking at this issue from the perspective of EA, my suspicion is their pricing is at exactly the right level for them to make as much money as they can out of the game, which is their #1 priority of course. I think that most players of Tapped Out or similar games fall into one of three categories:

    1) 'Freemium' player who has decided not to spend any money on the game. If items are made less expensive to buy, it will make no difference to most of these players as they will still not spend any money. No benefit for EA.
    2) 'Limited Premium' player who spends a smaller amount of money on the game to obtain some premium items, but nowhere near all of them. If prices are decreased, this type of player will likely spend the same amount of money but receive more items in return. No benefit for EA.
    3) The player who absolutely must have every available item in the game and will spend large amounts of money to get them. Examples would include people with three or four whales or people who spent thousands of donuts to speed up all of their friendship prizes to get Stampy immediately instead of waiting a few weeks to accumulate the points and get him for free. If prices are decreased, these players will have to spend less money to get their full collection of premium items, and EA suffers a decrease in revenue from these players.

    The main goal for EA would seem to be to price the premium items just high enough that those 'Type 3' players are still willing to spend all that money to get everything.
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