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Krustylu Studios and Channel 6

Nice! The studios is a definite future purchase for me and it will be going right next to Channel 6 for a mini 'media centre'.

The Mapple store is a little bit of a conundrum. I'm building it on its own minimalist little square at the moment. I won't be doing any large-scale redesigns until the snow melts though, I can't seem to picture the whole thing properly when everything's so white.


  • ur_wack452
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    edited December 2012
    Thanks Sonny. On the front of Krustylu there is a poster of the Channel 6 logo thats why I intertwined them. As for the Mapple store I was going to attemp to set it up like the one in NYC but I have no FAO Schwartz to go behind it lol
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