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Can't visit other springfields

New day and I am still having the same problem. One account works fine the other does not so its clearly not on my end :(


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    Same here... Been 3 days and I still cannot visit other springfields.. It just says "retry" and then sends me back to my springfield
  • jnasm
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    Mine did the same for two days. I deleted some friends (now down to eight) and it works now. Sorry to the friends I had to delete :-(
  • dangarvin66
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    I'm also having the same problem. I'm having server problems and cannot play the game. It will load for 30 seconds and lose server connection.
  • godboko
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    Pas a follow up my account still won't let me goto the other springfields page, my SO have 92 friends now and still works fine on same device :/
  • dtnewport
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    I also had problems with this for a few days, but I figured it out...

    Before not being able to access the neighborhood, I had trouble accessing one of my neighbors. Every time I tried, it would give me Bart unplugging the modem. So, I managed to log out of my Origin account, then log back in, which brought up the Origin menus. I simply deleted that friend from my list, and that fixed it! Haven't had any problems since. Now, if I add a friend that I cannot connect with right away, I toss their account from my friend list.

    So, if you can remember any friend you may have recently added that you could never connect with, I suggest deleting them (sorry, friends!), or going through one-by-one and deleting the most recently added friends until you can get back in.
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