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[Android] game keeps crashing after reason update.

should prob. post this in bug/issues part of forum but EA won't respond to this either way on here


  • shasurveyi256
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    edited March 2014
    AlexzQuest wrote:
    Hallo EA/Origin

    Game keeps on crashing after reason update
    I reinstalled the game same problem.
    Can u fix this issue.

    Typically they fix it within 2 hours if you put it under Bugs and Issues, game discussion takes months
  • KWoman59
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    edited March 2014
    Search EA help to start a case # they helped me twice so far since started playing.

  • Pinkspaceangel
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    edited March 2014
    In fact, when I had a problem with the Singing Sirloin missing, I did not have to open a ticket. I just posted in the bugs and issues forum, and the problem was read by EA, and got resolved within a few days.
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