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On going problems on Kindle

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So what have you done to trouble shoot your problem? with what you posted i have not a clue how to begin help you fix the problem.

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the App? have you gone through your kindle other apps and deleted some cache? or deleted unused Apps, have you tried loading your town on another device Like a Iphone, or an android device? (you can always borrow a friends device, relative whatever.)

you would need to download the game on their device and login with your origin ID and password. does the game run as badly on their device as it does on yours? if it does it might be a Game issue (I suspect it will run fine.)

When you downloaded the App did you store it on the device or on a SD card? if on a SD card trying moving the game to the device.

You can also contact EA help ( though not very good) or if you have a tech savey friend that could figure it out for you.


  • neuroheart
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    edited March 2014
    I have a first gen kindle that I still use sometimes, and it seems to work just fine.
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