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Tip - How to find characters

Here's a tip to track down a particular character. This works very well when characters are walking around (will not help if your character is inside a building).

1 Activate the move tool
2 Filter out buildings and trees

Now only characters are solid and everything else is translucent. This makes tracking down Sideshow Bob a lot easier! Once you find your desired character you will have to switch off the move tool in order to interact.

If you find this tip helpful, please feel free to add me as a friend - Thanks

*** Update ***

Although the above method is still useful, the latest update (Stonecutters) has made it somewhat unnecessary. Now you can click on the Town Hall and go to any character you want. A very helpful feature for sure. It even shows you the current job (if any) your character is on. Now all they have to do is add the time left to complete the job and it would be perfect. :D
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