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Missing Donuts and non stop crashing

if you have an issue use Google and contact EA


  • Bobalina2u
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    edited April 2014
    What is going on with this game???
    At first i enjoyed playing, but now is annoying.
    I am losing donuts, each time i log in, or when the game frezzes and closes down. It can take over 1-2 hours to go through my neighbours, as the game keeps frezzing.

    And then there is the over lapping graphics, which are getting worst.
    If you can update the game, you can sort out what is going on.

    Time to fix these problems, or people will stop playing.

    I have the same problem with the game freezing constantly. It can literally take a good 45 mins to an hour going through visiting friends.

    From what I have read online and also here, I believe it is to do with the amount of decorations in friends town. It can also affect the speed of your own town, the amount of decorations YOU yourself have placed.

    I know there is currently someone on my list, that I absolutely cannot visit as it point blank freezes and throws me out each time. So unless EA fix the problem with people wishing to beautify their towns by placing loads of items, or everyone stops placing unnecessary items around (why should they?!?! :shock: ) I doubt it's going to get better.

    The game has been out a good long time now, and everyone who has played it for more than 6 months would be at the stage where nearly all or all freemium items are unlocked.

    I agree with your frustration.

    As the person above me said, maybe contacting EA is your best bet, but if there are a lot of us out there, I would say that it is something that needs a major fix in an update, rather than just a reboot of your phone....
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