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losing interest...

QCOuTLaWz wrote:
cause of the * annoying constant crashes. 6 * MONTHS has went on and they're still not even working on that god damn mother * issue. THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE. CANT EVEN LOG IN FOR MORE THAN 30sec-1min WITHOUT CRASHING. * YOU AND YOUR WORTHLESS UPDATES. WHY THE * WOULD IW ANT MORE CONTENT/FRIENDS WHEN ALL IT DOES IS CREATE MORE OPPORTUNITY FOR THE * GAME TO CRASH. * DEVS WANT MONEY FOR THIS * GAME? LOL I LOVE the game but I seriously lose interest and now I m disgusted more than anything when launching it. takes half a * hour to give all my characters tasks when it should take 2mins. This is more than ridiculous. Also * you EA and your overpriced premium trash

Good afternoon, QCOuTLaWz. How are you doing today? Always a Pleasure to hear from you. Have a nice day, now!


  • Deadshot_DCU
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    edited December 2012
  • julesg007
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    Whilst being maxed out on lvl 23 I made the comments about eagerly awaiting more updates and content and EA keeping things on hold and getting all of the issues with the game sorted.

    It would seem that the commercial interests of EA were put ahead of the need to sort out problems as players are still having issues.

    Shame really as the update is pretty good and overall I think this could be an absolutely brilliant game but until all of the issues are sorted it just won't be.
  • thejudd67
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    edited December 2012
    If you had put most of your house farm in storage like I told you to a couple days then the game probably would have stabilized and you would be playing instead of here complaining about it.

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