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  • I already had the horse but did splash out quite a lot of saved-up clams in the sales - picked up Buzz Killington, Li'l Lois, Negatron and Chugs. Similarly 110 clams back for completed collections.
  • Didn't even get to the third week. I am Penniless. But yeah, didn't care much either way.
    phinneacttf in the Crawl to the Finish
  • Strangely easy event was strangely easy. I finished 3 days early. That never happens - I'm confused!
  • Phinnea
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    They're getting slack!
    phinneacttf in the Crawl to the Finish
  • BellStokes
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    edited May 2018
    dave3490 wrote: »
    Finally! Got the Herbert skin by sending Troi! Totally random! :lol:

    Thanks for this tip - got the cozzie last night

    I'm not too far off unlocking Data - I did spend the 25 clams i won buying a couple of extra cat food and a few anti-virus programs like Norton to help it along. Still too high a clam price (individually) to unlock him just yet. Need to keep all the clams i have left to see what's going to come thursday night

    Still a lot of crystals away from Kirk (about 10k of them) and about 109 Dark Matter needed - in no rush to get him yet, just plug away and keep trying to maintain that 10 DM streak until Thursday's update

    I routinely use one Win10 machine to do lots of "unsafe" surfing, lots of torrent downloads, etc. In the past I had various problems with all the freeware programs I tried, and even WD missed some embedded nasties. A few years ago I had used BitDefender, and liked it, but after the Kaspersky fiasco, I decided to avoid all the Russian providers (and BTW, removing BitDefender is like trying to get rid of a persistent virus). I'm now using Norton' top end system, and am very pleased. This is a fairly fast machine (quad i7), and I notice NO slowdown. Norton scans ALL internet traffic, and whenever it finds something seriously questionable, it blocks it from ever getting to the HD. Norton even looks inside of compressed files (zip, arj, etc) and deletes or quarantines them depending on how it's set. The only files I've seen Norton having trouble looking inside of during the download are ISO files, but anything inside those isn't active until after you either mount or burn them.
    Yes, you have to pay for Norton, but I've become of the opinion that you get what you pay for.
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  • girl22721
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    I finished early again (The Good, the Bad and the Griffins) and collected the 65 clams reward (40 timer bonus + 25 set completion) on top of the previous one. There hasn't been a dreaded "timed unlock" for ages. TinyCo do seem to be... almost benevolent lately!
  • Phinnea
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    Yes, they seem to have given up the timed unlock and I've enjoyed their last couple events more than Simpsons, but I won't finish it. Don't think I'll even get Joe
    phinneacttf in the Crawl to the Finish
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