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Crash crash crash crash crash.......

Which iPad? Which os?

I've got an iPad 3 with iOS 6 and its fine.
Could be your Internet connection. Could be that your neighbours have lots of items in their towns which can cause crashing.


  • kingmob31838
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    I'm on the newest Nexus 7 and it crashes a lot. A lot a lot. Same connection at home as my S3 mobile and that doesn't crash anywhere near as much.
  • Undaunted-001
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    edited April 2014
    I'm on the newest Nexus 7 and it crashes a lot. A lot a lot. Same connection at home as my S3 mobile and that doesn't crash anywhere near as much.
    yeah it crashes on my s3 too but not on my iPad Air :? Maybe our fones can't handle the game anymore :lol:
  • soapy_84
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    It used to crash all the time on my iPhone 4 got a 5s on release date and never had the problem again since apart from the very odd time.
  • philiweiss
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    edited April 2014
    I had this problem two days ago on my iPad Air that all of a sudden, when I was trying to go from one neighbour to another with the arrow buttons the game would crash to the home screen. A hard reset of the device (long press Home and Power Buttons until Apple logo appears) solved it for me. Now it's all fine again.
  • bertybandi481
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    Yep, it'll be down to the busyness of the friend's towns.

    My method: If a game crashes on a friend's town I note it down. Ignore them for that day, and if it crashes on the same friend the following day, they get binned.

    've likely binned well over 20 friends this way, Arnie Pie is a very common factor.

    There are millions more friends available, don't feel too bad about binning a few...
  • nettangel
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    I crashed each time I tapped anything and visiting friends was a nightmare. I use iPad Air and once I deleted some apps and videos stored in my album, it fixed the problem as they used up too much memory on my device. All is well in Springfield now.
    Try clearing some things and reboot your device first and see if it works.
    Here is the info from EA Help. Good luck and I hope this will correct your crashing.

    Nettangel :)

    Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.
    I understand that you are facing connection issues with the server and which results to crashing of game sometimes while playing game on your IOS device. I know how displeasing it could be. Please do not worry, we will assist you and will do our level best to get it resolved.

    However, you have already tried some of the troubleshooting steps but still issue persists. Please follow steps listed below so that you can get back to the game quickly.

    - Go to app store on the device.
    - Go to Updates
    - Update game if needed.
    - Update app for game.
    - Re launch App/Game to see if the issue is resolved.

    If the problem still persists, please follow the troubleshooting mentioned on the following link:


    If the problem still persists, please send us the following information:

    - Email address
    - Origin id (if available)

    - Game Name:
    - Game Version:
    - Device details

    a. Type (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad):
    b. Generation (2G, 3G, Touch v1, Touch v2):
    c. Firmware version (Operating System for iPhone):
    d. Memory Capacity:

    - Modem Firmware:
    - If the device was rebooted before playing the game:
    - Number of applications on the device:
    - Amount of free space available:
    - Distribution of allocated space: (movies, music, games, misc)

    Once we will receive the requested information we should look further for the suggestive results for you. Waiting for your reply.

    Second letter of advice I received but my issue was resolved by then.


    I regret the previous set of troubleshooting steps didn't work for you. I really apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please be patient, I am providing you next set of troubleshooting steps:

    1. Install Simpsons Tapped Out on a second device, or borrow a device with TSTO installed from a friend.
    - It can be an iOS or an Android device.
    - If you borrow a device, make sure your friend plays TSTO with an Origin account and not anonymous, or logging in on your own account could possibly make them lose their saved game.

    2. Once the login screen shows up on the second device, use your account's email and password to log into your Origin account.
    3. On the second device, you should now be able to log into the town and play the game normally.

    4. In order to fix the issue on you primary device, please perform the following actions on the second device:
    - Collect all quests and house/business money
    - Now, select the “Friends” button and head to the “Other Town”
    - Once in the other town and perform the standard 3 actions.
    - Now head back to the Friends Screen and select “Log Out”

    5. Head back into your main device, launch The Simpsons Tapped Out and log into your Origin account if prompted to do so.

    6. You should now be able to log into your game with out issues.

    I hope these steps will help in resolving the issue. However, if the issue persists, please feel free to get back to us and we’ll further look into the issue.

  • sandwedgeking
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    edited April 2014
    (Timely, I know :wink: )
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