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  • Igcognita
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    MaxxSpider wrote:
    Igcognita wrote:
    MaxxSpider wrote:
    I like it because its something completely new but I don't like that I will probably not get everything

    I'm not trying to be funny, but what is completely new about this event. Instead of snakes we have bunnies. And instead of the wheel we have egg boxes. And to top it off we still just go into our neighbors towns and tap buildings. I love the content, but the format is a mix of repackaged past events. I really miss the old Whacking day event. Even if it was the same old thing, at least it was challenging.

    We have 3 currencies this time.
    50% of players have one currency as their most common and the other 50% have the other.
    Only chance prizes this time.
    You can exchange your currency while visiting other towns.

    That's not really new. When the wheel was introduced that was new. Repackaging it and splitting into three, just the same thing, but different.

    It like having a car and changing the paint color and rims. The same but different.

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    I like all the new spring sounds, hope they leave them in the game permanently. And love the Easter colors/decorations I'd like to see them stay as well or at least an option to treat them as skins and turn them on/off.
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