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Please stop whining



  • teo47
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    edited April 2014
    The main problem I had with the Valentine's Event was that once I cleared the wheel, I had about 10 days left in the event and nothing left to do but collect multiples of decorations I already had, most of which I didn't really want since one can only do so much with their 8th pink fountain or 6th pink bench. So the problem there was that there were too few prizes for the length of the event.

    It seems to me that if EA made any mistake with the Easter event, it was putting too many free prizes out there - it does seem that unless there is a significant boost in the number of eggs that can be earned for free at some point, that most people won't be able to get everything without a sizable investment of money. However, I really have little problem with EA doing this because it's just like the game has always been - they will give us a lot of stuff for free, but you're going to have to pay (a lot) if you want to get every single available item.

    I broke down and spent the 100 donuts last night to get 5750 pink and blue eggs - I ended up with 3 gold boxes from those pink and blue boxes and got Bunny 24601, the Kang topiary, and (yay) pastel fences, plus I'm 100 gold eggs away from another one. I'm not going to keep making that kind of donut investment over and over again and realize that I won't end up with every available prize, but I'm pretty happy with what I did get, as gold boxes will be pretty infrequent without spending donuts to get them. Six months or a year down the line, are you really going to be upset that you didn't get a few of the Easter items? I didn't get several Christmas tems - mildly annoying at the time, couldn't care less about it now.
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  • drumnman
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    edited April 2014
    MR_Plow123 wrote:
    Right, because people not being happy with an event automatically means they want everything on a silver platter.
    For what unfortunately will probably not be the last time, this game is not hard work. It's time consuming. Also it's a game. One of the reasons people play games is for a sense of accomplishment. Tying the amount of time (or effort) put into a game to the reward one receives is good game design. That's a pretty well established concept.

    Honestly, I usually get really frustrated with the complaints, but the complaints about the complaints are driving me way more crazy right now. At least the people complaining about the game are still talking about the game. I have seen very few (if any) comments that bring up entitlement as well as an opinion about the event. About another person, sure, but the actual thing this forum is geared towards--nope.

    Nothing worse than complaining about complaining about complaining! :lol:

    This made me lol for real!

    Like she said, it's been 2 days, and the game is even making fun of the fact that there's so much to collect!
  • stingray1122
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    edited April 2014
    But people, you have to admit it. This event is really hard to complete.

    It's only been 2 days!

    Yeah but it looks like might be pretty hard to get everything unless you spend donuts on eggs. (even then it may take a while to get your uncommon color prizes or all the gold box prizes)
  • Savage_Craggle
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    edited April 2014
    Check my post for tips on how to make the most of this event

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