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blue egg prizes

Great News!
Remember you can swap blue for pink with baskets in neighbours towns and lay down pink baskets in your town for neighbours to leave pink eggs in!


  • drosax1
    4860 posts New member
    edited April 2014
    Congrats and do like fluffling said and because blue is your common egg color I'm assuming, you can end up getting 300 gold eggs in the pink box, how many blue boxes did you open before getting all the blue
  • anonSimpson
    363 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    Did you do this by buying eggs (I'm assuming you have had to)
  • stingray1122
    8717 posts Member
    edited April 2014
  • atiq_ruhel
    447 posts
    edited April 2014

    I opened 2 blue boxes so far... 2!!

    *goes into a fetal position in the back dark corner and cries*
  • bluyoshi88810
    1455 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    Good job! I was able to get all my pink box prizes. Now I need to finish the gold box (Shary Bobbins and Hugs Bunny is all I need) and the blue box (Johnny Fiestas Egg Council Guy).
  • GamerGD3
    3029 posts
    edited April 2014
    Just 3 prizes left for me, only characters. Need Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr (pink-uncommon), Father Sean and Sherry Bobbins. Buildings were a lot easier to work in than I thought.
  • reo19uk552
    200 posts
    edited April 2014
    drosax1 wrote:
    how many blue boxes did you open before getting all the blue

    To be honest not many! In the blue they seem to come very quickly for me presume because that is my main colour! When it comes to pink though I only got 1 prize from those boxes!!!
  • 1Mastiff
    184 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    I just need to get shary bobbins, long way to go yet, but guessing I will miss out on her.
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