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Make Homer Endure One of Grampa's Stories

i never got prompted for that part of the story either it just kinda stopped after the rabbits showed up

for some reason my game isnt prompting alot of quest or storylines anymore


  • Indys2nd
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    edited April 2014
    dzerante wrote:
    Got this task today in Four Day Weekend for Our Sins Part 5. When Homer popped up, the task wasn't there. It's on the side bar, but not with Homer. And Grandpa (as well as everyone else in the town) was free at the time I tried to set Homer up on the task. Anyone else get a task they couldn't access?

    I had that same problem. Store the retirement home and bring it back out. That will reset it and trigger the quest. It worked for me. It's a joint task for them.
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