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How Many Gold Eggs Have You Won?



  • tomouteast
    26 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    600 so far.
    Got Father Sean in my first box.
  • marvinzules
    9 posts
    edited April 2014
    500, spun the golden box and got the Banana Dictatorship
  • madfish86
    1094 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    According to the info posted on TSTO Addicts, you can't win Shary Bobbins before 20 gold boxes. That means you're going to need more than 10,000 gold eggs [20 boxes @ 500 gold eggs apiece] to get her.

    Even after you reach the minimum 20 boxes, Shary Bobbins is still the lowest % prize (2%) in the gold box.

    Shary Bobbins is the only gold box prize requiring a minimum number of boxes.
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