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3 full days without any basket!



  • moreblush
    62 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    PonyDx wrote:
    They need to create a building... Like a PAWN SHOP in which we can place items we don't need in it and our neighbors/friends can tap on it and can see a list and choose to buy it or trade for it...
    What an excellent idea!
  • Frimar21
    269 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    Well, a good idea for a new thread, but just to bring back this one to the first page, I'm wondering if someone has really calculated the drop rate of the blue/pink baskets, and if there are conditions to obtain more baskets...

    In fact, I can see between some friends 4 or 5 baskets placed in a city, while I have no one...
  • Itchem-Scratchem
    1338 posts
    edited April 2014
    You won't believe this but I've legitimately gotten about thirteen baskets from bunnies :shock:
  • joelle124676
    28 posts
    edited April 2014
    Am I being punked? I have 10 pink baskets and no blue ones. Every time I get a new one I hope for blue, but nope. The only decent thing from boxes so far is Eggman. No buildings. Come on, EA, I play day and night, give a girl a break :roll:
  • Igcognita
    1500 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    I was getting about 2 a day from bunnies, but not the last two days, I don't really care if people give eggs or not, I just wish more people had baskets out so I can dump my unwanted eggs. Most of my neighbors have blue baskets. I need pink baskets, otherwise I think they are cute decorations.
  • velinadelinis
    2093 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    I have 9 baskets at the moment out. Most are pink. Man I wish they would be filled.
  • bort0matic
    121 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    I see unclickable baskets all the time. When I've had baskets which have curiously gone unfilled for long periods, I've rotated them and soon after they've been filled. Coincidence? Probably. It's been a couple hundred bunnies since I got any type of basket, though.
  • vetteeater
    721 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    Didn't get any for 2 days and then got 2 yesterday
  • collector19
    11 posts
    edited April 2014
    It's been 6 days without a basket. ****
  • jmart0031914
    281 posts
    edited April 2014
    only got 2 since event started
  • annettemarc
    7747 posts Member
    edited April 2014
    only got 2 since event started

    Ditto. Main town. Play and collect at LEAST four times daily. Not one basket except the first day when I got two. If not for seeing baskets (most defective) in friends' towns, I would have forgotten what the baskets look like.

    If I DO get another one, I'll start a thread to announce it. Like a birth announcement, only more surprising.
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  • llazzarr
    173 posts
    edited April 2014
    Within a 2 day period I got about 7 or 8 of them. That was last week....since then I haven't gotten any.
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