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Why are people never happy?

Seriously guys?
We're only one week in the event and for what I've understood, it's totally normal to get crappy stuff at the beginning
It's to get you to play more and more to increase your odds.
After one week I already have hugs bunny, banana dictatorship, the egg guy and Johnny Fiesta
And there's still 21 days to go..
I do have 2 MKII egg generators that are giving me an extra uncommon box a day but I've clearly been able to see how the odds of getting something good improve the more boxes you open.
Be patient, keep zapping bunnies and visit your neighbors everyday and I'm pretty confident you'll get everything.
EA is just trying to keep you playing during the entire length of the event. I don't want to defend them but I think that this event is much more thought than the 2 previous ones.
You're only a fourth of the way through and I'm pretty sure you already got a fourth of what is to win.. 3 boxes a day during 7 days=21 boxes x 4 weeks= 84 boxes..
You'll get everything...
Stop worrying after only 7 days...
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