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Lost eggs from basket

I had this issue too! i had baskets with eggs in, they weren't full but definitely had eggs in. Then yesterday afternoon the baskets were empty? this easter lark is tough already without losing potential extra eggs. whats going on with that then :cry:


  • GuyIncognito817
    22 posts
    edited April 2014
    I've had the same problem. I've noticed that the basket that had an egg in it is now unusable - friends are not able to place eggs in it. So, right now, all I can do is move it around - I can't even store it. From what I understand, this is an issue that EA is aware of and in the midst of fixing.
  • CiCiLott
    9 posts
    edited April 2014
    I am Supper mad I just LOST at least 1000 eggs because I had multiple pink baskets that were almost filled!!!! (pink eggs are the ones that gives me 300 golden eggs) For the blue I had only two! This is the SECOND time this has happened to me!
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