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What's your coin count?



  • Bartman6110
    29 posts
    edited December 2012
    118 with all houses decorated and Mapple store built. Waiting to build bowlorama.
  • arnoutVI
    604 posts Member
    edited December 2012
    350+ coins and saving for the try n save
  • lrc1
    122 posts
    edited December 2012
    Currently 171.

    After decorating 10 building sets, buying Mapple store and Bowl-o-Rama.

    So I have brought in 1071 coins in less than 5 days. I still need to collect from 100 neighbours, holiday tree and most houses today too.

    The sad thing is, I only really want the Try n Save now, and SLH. Don't want Funzos and don't need to decorate anything else. I'll have thousands left over at the end.
  • Ammaterasu
    113 posts
    edited December 2012
    517 coins right now, and I need to collect from my 99 friends today.

    All houses decorated, I have the Mapple Store and have just finished building the Bowlarama. Homer is bowling.
  • feelin_irie_685
    151 posts
    edited December 2012
    I have 400 but I just spent a ton decorating so it seems now I can start saving, aside from the bowl o Rama expense it is
  • autographz
    172 posts
    edited December 2012
    I decorated every house and have upto the Bowlarama complete, sitting at 449 as I type, so thats basically the Try-N-Save paid for, leaving just a Funzo and Santas Little Helper to save for.
  • albert2k
    271 posts
    edited December 2012
    530 and counting.
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