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Easter Basket dearth explanation??

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Have seen this mentioned once before, me thinks it's true, because i haven't had a basket for 4 days and after two days not found the faberge egg either! :evil:


  • mr_skeltal_80
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    sherryt07 wrote:
    It's being discussed on another forum that in the programming code it is set up that once you finish the Easter questline; there are will be no baskets spawned until AFTER you get the natural faberge egg.

    Thanks for the heads-up! Guess it's pretty hard to program 2 things simultaniously. :(
  • kylstrk
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    I'm officially out if baskets now and haven't gotten any in like 4 days. And I'm only at the part of the quest where Bart questions CBG. :(
  • Nilmade
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    It must be true because there are three people in my family that play tsto, all of us have finished the quests and only my sister got a basket after it. And she had found the egg before.
  • luckyzl230
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    Well that explains a lot.
    I was just going to ask about this.
    I finished my quests 3 days ago and haven't found a basket which I thought was very odd.

    What if you buy the fabricated egg? Will you get baskets then?
    The egg looks pretty stupid, 100 doughnuts and only 3% XP/$$
    Does is increase eggs % or make eggs?

    with 2 weeks to go, If it doesn't do anything else but sit there I might be inclined to just use those same 100 doughnuts on eggs and go for my Blocko Store
  • epolng
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    My wife and I don't get baskets very often and haven't finished the main quest. Not so sure that is coded or just crappy odds.
  • neuroheart
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    EA is really angling for those "worst company in America 2015" votes.
  • Snakeyees
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    I found the egg 3 hours after the quest line ended, and i just looted 3 baskets 5 mins ago.
  • anonSimpson
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  • rpk333236
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    I have seen the same thing. No baskets since I completed the Easter quest and no Faberge egg either.
  • perrdog22
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    Just got the egg. Did not get a basket in between the end of the quest and getting the egg. Had 10-12 before.
  • Mopurglar
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    luckyzl230 wrote:
    What if you buy the fabricated egg? Will you get baskets then?
    Nope. Even if you buy a faberge egg with donuts, you will not be able to get baskets again until you generate a faberge egg through zapping bunnies.

    Of course, once you get it from zapping bunnies, you won't be able to place this second faberge egg, since the item is flagged as unique. And you'll be out 100 donuts for no reason other than poor programming.
  • jukan00
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    This could get pretty bad. If we all finish the quest and aren't getting baskets how are we going to exchange all these eggs?
  • ladycatlow
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    I finished quest line 3 days ago but haven't had a basket drop or got the egg yet. I have noticed that now I've won 3 biggies from the gold box that baskets are available to win in there. Not the ideal solution and it's my common colour basket, but it's something I guess.
  • eric_burnd474
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    edited April 2014
    I'm 3 hours away from finishing the questline, would it b in my interests to just cancel the task and play on normally? I don't even care about the Faberg? egg.
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