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Really, EA? No baskets?

There was a reason why people hated this event so much, and now non complainers are finally starting to see why we all complained so much. You better hope EA makes this event a bit realistic otherwise no one will end up getting what they want except the handful of lucky ones and the big spenders.

If I were you I'd send what you just wrote here to EA through their costumer service email.


  • juliet603
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    edited April 2014
    I 100% agree and I also agree with AJ - you should copy and paste your whole post into an email to EA! They clearly don't check this forum cos if they do and STILL decided to keep this event the way it is, then they're the biggest morons in the world!

    The basket thing really is ridiculous, as you said it's supposed to be a "social" thing yet if no one has any baskets how are you supposed to give them eggs!? And even those who do have baskets half of them don't work! So infuriating!!!
  • dave3490
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    An excellent post, and a justified complaint

    Why oh why EA have set out this event the way they have is beyond anyones logic except their own greedy fat fingers and wallets. So baskets were possible before anyone completed the quest, now we can't get any until we find the stupid Faberge Egg, whch could take forever at the rate bunnies appear. What EA have done is make is all work for nothing, zip, jack all, nadda, zero, whatever term you may want to use, in an event purely designed to make people spend money on donuts. There are effectively three wheels. Now, i'm laughing because i've noticed the last few days that certain people who complained about the wheel and it's chance element and ridiculous odds are loving this event, yet it's three wheels in one game with even WORSE odds than the wheel. ALL chance based. For those who want the prizes have no choice but to play, there are NO options to buy the items that we could class as premium, with the exception of the topiary's which for some reason we can buy (and are they worth 15 donuts?). So then we move onto baskets. There has been nothing but problems with them, baskets not working, baskets hardly showing up, and now baskets that won't appear until we find a stupid egg that we can barely find when it's placed in our towns. The update put out the other day didn't fix this at all. Now anyone who has completed the quest has to find this rare faberge egg before they get anymore baskets, not to mention the face that EA very kindly forgot to tell everyone that if you spend 10 donuts on a basket, it disappears as well, so lots of people have sacrificed donuts thinking they had a permanent item. The only possible way to complete this event is to spend donuts. That's it. Simple as. Halfway through or not, for those that are saying there is still plenty of time, for some, there is not. People have lives and jobs outside this game, we can't all be checking back every 4hrs. This game is and should always be a game of leisure, pleasant and fun, this event took all that and just screwed us over big time. Lets also mention the fact that EA seem to think it's funny to wind us up and take a pop at our complaints in their quest dialogue. So i'm guessing they sit in their gold plated wall offices and lauigh at us, say "hey, lets * them off some more ej? Lets say this..." trying to mask it as Simpsons humour. Lets also look at the posts people have been making lately, towns seemingly abandoned since the start of this event, granted, some of these are people who may be on their Easter vacation/holiday, however, some are long time players who have had it with EA's chance based game. Will they come back? They probably will when it's all over, but maybe EA have pushed things too far this time. One wheel was bad enough, but what is (as i've said) something that is actually three wheels disguised as overpriced boxes whith gold prizes almost impossible to get considering the strange odds, this event is no better than going down to your local pub, dropping a few quarters into the slot machine and taking your chances... except with a slot machine you at least have a chance of walking away with something good for your troubles, with this event, your more than likely to get fences, oh look, more fences, oh and a pond, hey, a stupid looking tree, or maybe some common eggs that we don't need, or how about a towel and umbrella, we can all use them can't we? Time and time again this event just shows what a joke EA have turned this game into. It was good, now it's just about playable with everything that is going on with it. My advice to EA, shape up or give the game contract to company that can do it, that cares about its customers and actually is creative with it's writing rather than taking pot shots at everyone thinking they can get away with it.

    Easter Event Rant #100 and something over (for now) :evil:
  • madfish86
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    LinusB09 wrote:
    The baskets are shut off after quests are finished. If I have understood what I've read, there are no more baskets until the Faberge egg is found while tapping bunnies in my town.

    That's not true. I finished the quests yesterday and got a free basket. A few hours later, I got the Faberge egg.

    It's true they're being very stingy with the baskets though and it's kind of cruel to only make baskets a prize in the gold box when you can barely earn enough gold eggs to get one without them.
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