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Best strategy for Easter event?

jen1484 wrote:
My common colour is pink. When I first looked at the prizes I wanted the Blocko store most of all, and luckily a few days ago I received it. Now of course I've set my sights on Johnny Fiesta's and the Banana Dictatorship and have been diligently swapping my pink eggs in neighbours towns on the premise that blue eggs get me Fiesta's and a higher number of gold eggs.

Does this seem like the right strategy? Or should I just open as many pink boxes as I can so that my total number of boxes hopefully gets to 81 and I'm guaranteed the big prizes? I haven't been keeping count of how many boxes I've opened so who knows if I'm on track to get to 81, but I'm on a few times a day and visit all 100 neighbours daily.

Someone correct me with the math on this, but I believe it's not possible to reach 81 boxes without spending donuts on them. That may even be with the unhealthy task of emptying your town every 5 hours, 24/7.

I would go with converting common to uncommon, personally.
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