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  • Annie_19831983
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    edited April 2014
    I'm in a similar situation. Got 2 baskets about 3 days ago and finished the quest line 2 days ago. As I haven't found the special egg, I haven't received any baskets which means not opening as many boxes.

    As well as that, I think my neighbours are in the same position, as when I finally did have 100 blue eggs to swap for pink ones, I only had 1 neighbour with the right basket.

    Can't see me progressing much at all until I find the Faberge egg.
  • aSkydude252
    168 posts
    edited April 2014
    I was about to post a similar topic. They need to either replace the ability to have baskets spawn while hoping to get the faberge egg or dramatically increase its drop rate. I have been completely clearing the bunnies, and using the carrots, every 4 hours, aside from when I'm sleeping, even while at work, and I have yet to get the faberge egg after having completed the questline close to as fast as it can be without using donuts to speed it up.

    No hope of finishing even the blue boxes, let alone the gold, without getting baskets back...

    Edit: OK, now that's weird timing. Went into the game to tap a few bunnies and check my egg situation...and I found the faberge egg! Now hopefully I can get a few baskets soon.

    Good luck to everyone else on this!
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