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how does the egg basket system work?

Hi. No, the eggs awarded to your friends come from the game, not your totals. A full basket should contain 400 eggs. There has, however, been a glitch that can sometimes cause a basket to read as full with only 200. In any case, the only thing the baskets should do is add to your total eggs, not subtract from them in any way.

One more note-You should be sure to have the different color baskets well separated. Some people (including me :wink: ) are reluctant to put eggs in if they are to close, out of fear of giving the wrong color. Separating them may encourage people to contribute. Good luck. :D


  • LeuchtbojeConny
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    While sometimes a full basket seems to have contained only 200 eggs, the correct number will be awarded once you leave and reenter your town. :)
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