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It's just one of the random tasks that appear around finishing the main level questline.
My taskbook is full with tasks for Smithers and growing crops on the farm. I will do do after the easter event.
You don't have to grow that moonshine immediately. It will sit in your taskbook infinitely...


  • annettemarc
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    I have that same task in my task book in one of my towns. The carrots are much more important! Its irritating that the moonshine task is at the top of the crops list, because its easy to make the mistake of tapping to grow that instead of the carrots.

    If I DO accidentally tap it, I will immediately store the farm and bring it back out of storage. That stops the moonshine task, so I can plant carrots. The moonshine task will keep showing up, but at least I don't need to lose 24 hours by mistake.

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  • datasurgeon
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    They gave ne triffles, hit accidently and had to store the farm
  • pattimesseng
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    Thanks! I'll keep growing carrots!
  • MusicBooks960
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    Why does EA want me to stop growing carrots for 24 hours? That would be the only reason to give me a task to grow moonshine.

    Seems counterproductive, when I need bunnies to get eggs, so I can finally place 50 fence sections. I need those donuts. Or so I can win the characters and structures in the remaining time we've got in this event.

    I've wondered the same thing when we have a handful of characters that can earn whatever currency the event uses. And then they tell us to send them on a completely unrelated task.

    Can anyone think of a reason to stop growing carrots for 24 hours? Is there a better reward for growing moonshine?
    *In best Nelson tone pointing at you* HAW HAW! No, but seriously, they've done it to me twice. The first time they wanted Triffids after my first crop of carrots. Even with the relatively short grow time, you better believe I was cheesed off about it. Then they hit me up for, you guessed it, moonshine. Suffice to say, it's been open in my task book for possibly two weeks, and you can bet your sweet bippy it's gonna stay there until after this lousy event is over! *In best Nelson tone pointing at mirror* HAW HAW! Hey, that hurt. No wonder no one came to my birthday party.
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