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Strangers in my town

Okay, I have this friend who was on a party yesterday. Since he had to do some heavy drinking he asked me to log into his town and visit his neighbours. :)
I was glad to help and did the honneurs.

Ever since then I have been getting strange visits to my own SF. His friends keep visiting me although they are no neigbours of mine.
To say it with Alice:"Curiouser and curiouser..."

What can I do to stop this?
He is on IOS, I'm an android rapper.
And please pm me or post here if you either land in my town while visiting someone else or land in his town while visiting me.

Unfortunately I wil not be able to answer your pms because a second bug has befallen me: I can not send any pms anymore. The system is always telling me that my browser send and unknown request to the server. But I can still read any pms you send me.
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