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I want Blocko store, don't want to give it to me then Lego is getting my real money

I have been working so hard for so very little in this event and as a Simpsons fan, I'm extremely disappointed. All I have is fences and gold eggs that get more fences, I want only 1 item in all this stupid event and that's Blocko store, I could care less about all the other crap and the crap odds.

The next event better improve as this was terrible and I loved Whacking day last year, got all the items and had fun doing it, the same with Xmas, it was nice to get close to the end and get the last item off the wheel, this event EA sux.

I'm spending my real hard earned money on "REAL" lego now for the Simpsons MiniFigures, at least I have something real to show for it. I'm a freemium player and happy to admit it, it makes me even more happy to see that not spending a cent is not peeing me off even more to get fences and fall short of donuts.
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