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Final Day Prizes!



  • henpot7514
    6010 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Spun my last pink (uncommon) box and got....beach towel!!

    Decided I've had enough now, donated all my remaining eggs to neighbours which I visited this morning.

    Still have homer, Ned, Ralph and Nelson on Easter tasks so will donate the remaining eggs to neighbours again if it hasn't updated by then.

    I finished with:
    Johnny fiestas
    Banana dictatorship
    Father Sean
    Egg council guy
    Hugs bunny
    Kang topiary
    Fences (not enough for donuts), gates, towels, etc.

    Happy with what I got considering I'm a freemium player :)

    Good luck to those who still have eggs to spin for a chance at prizes you have yet to win.
  • mr_skeltal_80
    18104 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Ive got pretty much everything except Shary and Hugs. Not getting them to. Refuse to spend donuts and end up with a lot of crap. :P

    Found the fab egg today though! :mrgreen: :thumbup:
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