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I'm still here!

I know everyone hates these, but just a note to my neighbors because I haven't been around much lately :)

A few weeks ago my iPad mini charger broke, so I went out and bought another...it worked for a few days then stopped working just like the first one. So again, I ordered one online and waited til today to get it- only to realize that it isn't the chargers that are broken, its my iPad that won't hold a charge. I have no money to get it fixed right now so thats out of the question.

I have an older version iPad that I have been playing on, but its my husbands and he takes it to work with him, so I don't always get to use it lol. And playing on my phone is more of a hassle than anything else, but I have been going on at least once a night to clear handshakes and whatever.

I'm about to get on right now, and clear my town and finally visit everyone after 2+ weeks lol. Sorry everyone.

I've been able to tap every day. But happy to hear you are back. Sending you a PM about that iPad.


  • drosax1
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    Same here and no worries I never delete forum users since if they haven't visited or cleared anything in awhile I can contact them
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