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5/13 Update: Easter Removal Issues - 5/15 Episode Tie In


  • Samaranth01
    2184 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Ipad running IOS 7.1.1. Severe lag, especially trying to visit friends. Got through about a dozen, then the app kept crashing. Couldn't even get back into the friends section.
  • Knight6969
    4 posts
    edited May 2014
    Same issue.... SUPER LAG on iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone 4S, all 7.1.1
  • MadHugger
    1 posts
    edited May 2014
    I have iterations of this game running on these devices:

    Nexus 5 w/ Android 4.2.2
    Toshiba Thrive tablet w/ Android 4.0.4
    HTC EVO 4G LTE w/ 4.1.1

    All are having the reported issue with varying difficulties.

    The problem is very similar in behavior to overloaded memory issues. In fact, the more content on the screen the worse it gets. i.e. more characters moving around, more buildings needed checked the more apparent the problem. So, it seems to be worse for those on more advanced levels based upon what I have gathered from the various posts and forums.
  • FaiFae
    2 posts
    edited May 2014
    iPhone5 since the update, severe lag in my town and neighbors towns and on certain neighbors or just random game crashes. This is frustrating as I do enjoy playing the game. I hope they fix this soon and the conversations in live chat read like you are interacting with a scripted program aka a BOT that supplies automatic response to certain keywords.
  • Kelmster
    1 posts
    edited May 2014
    New Samsung Galaxy S5, Kitkat 4.4.2. When it doesn't crash while loading (needed 3 tries before I could get into my town the last time I tried), the game itself is lagging horribly, which reminds me of how it ran on my terrible old phone. It was already crashing during the Easter update, but now it's worse. Add that to the lag and the game is now borderline unplayable.
  • Calabahn
    3 posts
    edited May 2014
    iPAD R7.1.1. Same problem as the last update, game crashes back to the home screen.

  • edwardh472
    38 posts
    edited May 2014
    Serious lagging on iPhone 5 w/iOS 7.1.1. There were no performance issues during Easter, and I have the max available RAM. Crashes frequently when trying to access friends' Springfields. KrustyLand doesn't have the same lagging. All started with the post-Easter update.
  • hoodedman2010
    22 posts
    edited May 2014
    I have an iPhone 4S (with OS7.1.1) and just downloaded new TO update (4.8.1). My game lags horribly = to the point I can't play. Everything is in super slow motion and the tapping is off. I hope there will be a new update soon or please tell me what to do to solve this major problem!!

  • jensroger802
    6 posts
    edited May 2014
    I dont think the type of device has anything to do with this.
    There is something major wrong with caracter animation scripts in this update.
    I have half my town empty ground or packed with blue houses.
    Scrolling, tapping and collecting works perfect in these aereas, in fact in all areas without caracters.
    Also works fine as long as caracters are doing indoor tasks and are not visable.
    As soon as a caracter is on screen it starts to lag, and the more there are the slower it gets.
  • Snakeyees
    2344 posts Member
    edited May 2014
  • bekkison
    8 posts
    edited May 2014
    You can add me to the list of people having issues. Lots of lag and freezing to the point of unplayability.
  • Ketah
    1 posts
    edited May 2014
    Nexus 7. Android 4.4.2
    Lag lag then crash...
  • henriquecv78
    24 posts
    edited May 2014

    IPAD 4 - iOS 7.1.1

    UPDATE - 4.8.1

    My game VERY SLOW after update closing of easter.
    30 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Game forced me to update last night (GMT) right as I was opening a last pink box in hope I could finally get the bloko store, game froze - eggs gone - no store! just bad games lag on both a brand new experia z2 tablet and experia T mobile :(

    not a happy bunny, in fact I am sick of bunnies :thumbdown:
  • cableguykev
    52 posts
    edited May 2014
    Cannot log in after post easter update, game finds me but when tapping to start game crashes, tried reinstalling several times but nothing works, please fix.
  • plego66294
    10 posts
    edited May 2014
    After the latest update on my Ipad4, I too have constant crashing and terrible lagging, can't tap on anything. Hope they fix this soon, can't even play anymore.......what a PITA(pain in the *). :?
  • bluepoet47
    10 posts
    edited May 2014
    I am having the extreme lag issue, too, both iPad and iPhone. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but still no luck. The game is basically unplayable for me until this is fixed.
  • c_gipper
    1 posts
    edited May 2014
    I cannot log in since the Easter thing ended and app was updated. I can log into my origin account but when I click the small box in the bottom left corner to access the game the donut spins for a little while and then the app closes. I reinstalled the app, closed all open apps, and restarted the tablet with no change.
  • adammeadeisd
    596 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Snakeyees wrote:

    Thank you
  • jensroger802
    6 posts
    edited May 2014
    As said earlier, to me it is obvious this is related to caracters or buildings.
    Tried to fidle around to see if things changed, and whaddya know... when I put O'Flannagans in storage the lagging was reduced by at least 90%, and I can slide around at acceptable speed.
    May be different objects for other users though, but I notised that neighbour towns differ greatly.
    Those with less event buildings works better, those with the most crash the game when trying to visit.

    Realize it wont help those who cant log in at all, but worth a try for those who get in but struggle.
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